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There are thousands upon thousands of video-game websites on the internet, all providing readers with a different experience. As websites provide many different services, it is only fitting that the writers here at MMO Game Writers do the same. As such we’ve outlined some of the most requested services below, complete with a description and some sample work. Our services are not restricted to only those outlined below, we’re qualified to write on any aspect of the gaming industry so feel free to **ADD LINK HERE**contact us**ADD LINK HERE** should you require another service.

Game Summaries
Game Summaries are usually used to convince readers to try a particular game or product. The most popular form of game summaries are used to earn revenue through gaming affiliate programs such as Ad4Game and iQu. Examples of popular gaming portals are XMMORPG and MMOGameCentral. They usually consist of 300-800 words and include descriptive writing written in a persuasive context. Game Summaries can also include extra information for the reader such as an overall score rating, the highlighting of positive and negative aspects or information related to the game developers and publishers. The writers here at MMO Game Writers are able to fulfill all fields through thorough research and personal experience. The writer assigned to your project will play the game for some time in order to write an honest, yet persuasive, article and they will also check any recent press-releases for updates and other fresh information to add to the summaries.

MMO Game Writer Game Summary Articles
For the below samples the MMO Game Writer was asked to provide a detailed background story of the game, followed by a round-up of the features and mechanics.
Wolf Team
Final Eden

Game Reviews & Preview
Game reviews are some of the most opinionated articles you’ll find on a gaming website. The author is tasked with providing the reader their opinion on a specific game or update, going into great detail in regards to the good and bad points. Previews work in a similar way but are written before the game is available to the general public, which can generate great hype towards other articles on your site based on the same game.

News Articles
News Articles are arguably the most common article type shared across multiple gaming websites. They’re a great way to keep readers engaged in your content, and with the right article marketing, they can generate thousands of views. The writers at MMO Game Writers will not simply rewrite news found on every other website, instead we can provide the latest breaking news from hundreds of different game developers and publishers. We have developed relationships with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Sony Online Entertainment, 2k Games, Bethesda, Square Enix and hundreds more. We have access to the latest news related press releases, previews of the hottest games and even item and key giveaways. We have full permission from all of our partners to publish articles based on these press-releases on any site we work for, so you need not worry about any legal ramifications. You can view more information on our game industry press partners here.

All of our services come complete with various forms of social media and article marketing. We use a variety of popular websites such as Raptr, GameGrep and N4G to attract more visitors to our articles and your website. We also have access to over many unique followers on popular social channels such as Twitter and Facebook. Our article marketing and social media experience are included in the price of all projects, giving you access to a huge network of gaming enthusiasts.

SEO & Technical Writing
As with our marketing service, our SEO writing and technical expertise is included in the project price. Although high-quality content is a great way to attract visitors, it won’t be as effective unless the on-page SEO has all the right factors. Every writer at MMO Game Writers is trained in on-page SEO techniques to ensure your website is delivered to Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines, in the best way possible. We can include keywords of your choosing, matched to a specific keyword density, or we can research and implement our own keywords. We can also check the rest of your website for SEO issues such as missing H1 & H2 tags, bad page rank flow or missing meta descriptions. We’ll also ensure any links included in the post are directed to high-quality, relevant content, including related articles on your website. Our SEO advice and expertize have helped new websites multiply their viewers from hundreds per day, to tens of thousands per day, and that advice can be yours, for free, with any purchased project.

Graphics Design
Whether you need a killer logo for your website or a watermark for your video content, the graphical team at MMO Game Writers is filled with some of the most inventive talent available. Our artists are responsible for a large number of critically acclaimed work such as the Gamers Heroes logos and hero designs, as well as a plethora of other content.

Whether you need a service outlined above, or you have something else in mind, if it’s video-game related you can be sure that MMO Game Writers can fulfill your needs. Head on over to our order page for more information on how to hire a writer from MMO Game Writers.

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