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When you hire a writer from MMO Game Writers, you’re not just assuring high-quality and dedication, you are also gaining access to some of the most popular video-game developers and publishers from around the globe. MMO Game Writers have formed partnerships with a number of high-profile companies within the industry, giving your website access to a variety of exclusive features.

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MMO Game Writers Gaming Press Partners
MMO Game Writers currently have partnerships with a number of innovative game studios and by hiring a Game Writer using our services, you are gaining access to a wealth of information. We’ve highlighted some of the biggest companies we work with below, and have given a brief description detailing what benefits your site may receive if you decide to hire a Game Writer from MMO Game Writers.

Aeria Games
Aeria Games are one of the most successful publishers of free to play MMO games, attracting over 50 million players worldwide. They constantly release new titles and update their old ones, making them one of the best PR relations possible for any MMO related website.

New Title Announcement: Aeria Games sent a press release including information regarding a previously released MMORTS title, Star Supremacy. Now available on Aeria Games, the highly respected free to play portal now offers a variety of services for their new title. You can read the post here.

Ground-Breaking MMOFPS Announced: Aeria Games are always releasing innovative MMO titles and this exclusive press-release included details of the character progression based MMOFPS, Born to Fire. You can read the article here.

Item Giveaway: Aeria Games awarded one of our writers 5000 item keys to giveaway various exciting items for their hugely popular, anime inspired MMORPG game, Crystal Saga. You can view the post here.

One of the most popular online game developers in the industry today, developing massive MMO titles including the likes of Guild Wars and City of Heroes.

Guild Wars 2 Official Release Date Announcement – One of the first sites to publish the official release date for Guild Wars 2, thanks to our writers connection to NCSoft. You can view the article here.

Sony Online Entertainment
Sony Online Entertainment are at the forefront of MMORPG titles with massive games at their disposal such as DC Universe Online and highly anticipated MMO titles Bullet Run and PlanetSide 2.

Bullet Run Release Announcement: Sony Online Entertainment released a wealth of information on their upcoming MMOFPS title, Bullet Run. You can read the post here.

Square Enix
Square Enix are usually recognized for their high-quality console RPG titles but they’ve also expanded into the MMO world with a variety of online games. They are one of the most respected game publishers in the industry with a massive number of successful titles in their arsenal such as Deus Ex, Dungeon Siege, Dead Island and the iconic Final Fantasy franchise. Access to exclusive information from Square Enix will give your website information on some of their most anticipated MMO and console titles such as the upcoming Sleeping Dogs and the highly anticipated Gameglobe. Below is a list of some of the recent press releases offered to MMO Game Writers:

Exclusive Trailer: Square Enix released the first teaser trailer for their highly innovative MMO title, Gameglobe. You can view the post here

Square Enix Announce Gameglobe: One of the first websites to publish release information on the latest MMO project from Square Enix. You can read the article here

Independent Developers
Not all online games are created by giant development companies and publishers, there has been plenty of high-quality online titles produced by teams as small as two people. A perfect example of this is the indy smash hit Minecraft. MMO Game Writers have access to dozens of independent game developers, and who knows, maybe your website will be the first to publish information on a title even bigger than Minecraft.

We have access to dozens more companies than we’ve listed above, but this is just a taster for the juicy information that could appear first on your website. Head on over to our order page and hire a MMO Game Writer today!

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